Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Big week.

Coming this Wednesday to finer comic shops everywhere.

Issue 15, featuring more prison fighting and other big time drama.

And Volume #2 trade. This collects issue 8-12, plus issue 57 of Invincible (the crossover issue), plus some sketch book stuff and fine commentary by Mr Kirkman and myself.


Peter Alger said...

Both on my list!
Hope to eventually see both volumes collected in a hard back too at some point?

Unknown said...

What about the Vol. 3?

I hope that the Volume 3 will be yellow, or blue. But better yellow.

Bye, and keep up the work!

Jason Howard said...

I am not sure what the plan is yet for a hard cover. Personally, I cant wait for one of the big ones that collect the first 25 issue or so, like the Invincible one.

For volume 3 I have been thinking it would be a blue color. Although I haven't drawn it yet so that could change. But yellow seems to close to volume 2 as that is sort of a yellowish-green. But who knows, sometimes the coloring process sort of makes its own choices :)

דרור עציוני said...

great work on #15, i enjoyed it a lot