Saturday, May 09, 2009


Just a quick note to let those in the Michigan area know that I will be at the Motor City Con, May 15-17.

For those with money that they no longer wish to keep, I will have both Wolf-Man trades for sale, as well as copies of most issues to date (all at cover price). I will also have prints made up from various Wolf-Man covers and I will be doing sketches. The prints are $10, and I typically charge $40 for a con sketch. But even if you don't want to buy anything feel free to come by and just talk about comics, or art, or what the Pistons need to get good again.

And so that you have some art make your stop here worthwhile. Here is something from my sketchbook.


Marty Alchin said...

I remember seeing you at the Motor City Con many, many moons ago, but I don't think I'll be able to make this one. I did pick up a copy of Volume 1 today at Schuler's, and it just happened to be autographed! Makes me wonder if bookstores around here would carry my book if I offered to autograph them.

Unknown said...

I'm still waiting to know when you will visit Mexico, if you ever.....

michaeljsmith said...

hope to run into you at a con someday - but until then let's all hope the Pistons continue to stink

Ryan Boros said...

hey jason, saw that you were going to be at motor city. i've been a fan of yours and awm since the free comic day #1. i was looking forward to meeting you, but i can't make it out this year. ah well, hope it's a good show. maybe you can talk kirkman into coming up some year for the con, the D needs (and deserves) some bigger guests at our local show. as for the pistons, a rebounding/shot-blocking big man and more importantly, a scoring forward and they'll be alright. whether those type of players are joe d we trust.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jason,
Since you live in Michigan and Kirkman lives in Kentucky, how about both of you guys meeting up in centrally located Columbus, Ohio for this year's MidOhio Comic Con? Enjoy your art. Thanks,
Tim O

Nate Maldonado said...

Hey man,
I had to order my copy of vol. 2 from my local comic store down here because they were all sold out like 2 days after it hit the shelves!

Shane said...
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Shane said...

Great meeting you at the show! Thanks for the cool Scarlett sketch! I really love it! Gonna have to get something else from you in the future! Let me know what shows you are doing and if you want a scan of Scarlett, send me an email.

Thanks again!

simek108 at earthlink dot net

Unknown said...

Speaking of conventions. I don't know if anyone has talked to you about the Traverse City comic-con, but it's going to be pretty awesome if a little small. One of the organisers tells me that Mark Milar and Danny Way are going to be there and possibly an appearance by Michigan's favorite son Bruce Campbell. Rob from Top of the Ninth can give you more details, so call him up ((231) 946-3030)

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