Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sweet 16

Issue #16 drops tomorrow (new comics come out on Thursday this week, due to the Memorial day holiday). Finally the big Zechariah Wolf-Man throw down. Here is the cover so you can look for it.

This issue also has a variant cover by the great Dale Keown. He's so good. If you see this cover you may want to pick it up as it was a 1 in 25 variant and not too many were printed...


Unknown said...

Today I went to my comic shop and as I live in Mexico, I don't know that tomorrow will be the #16.

So, until tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Little disappointed in the 1/25 variant. I don't think any comic shop in my city would stock that much to get it :P.

Still a great issue btw.

Unknown said...

Hi Jason,

This time you don't show the 19' cover process, and, some scenes of the 15, or 16. Come on, I know you have one or two surprises.

Gjskier (Kal) said...

Hey Jason, great issue!


Jason Howard said...

Thanks all.

Gatuno- OK, I put up a couple new things... :)

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