Tuesday, June 16, 2009

16 inks, 20 cover

Finally getting a chance to show a couple behind the scenes pages from issue 16. I love drawing Mecha Maid (the robot chick on page 10). I tend to like drawing roboty things, so if you mix robots and girls well that pretty much makes the most fun drawing ever. Speaking of girls, I also have the cover for issue 20 here. For those who remember the very first issues cover, you may notice some similarity. That was intentional and I think its kinda cool that we have enough issue out to allow us to make fun references to the design of issue 1.


BrikHed said...

love the process work as always - thanks for posting

gatuno_123 said...

So, She is bad? Or is the starting of her carrer as Super hero?

This is so exciting!

Good work, as always.

Can you tell some about the story? Just one or two secrets, please.

gatuno_123 said...

Can I ask one more thing?

Josh Howard, creator of Dead@17, is your brother?

Jason Howard said...

Gatuno- Thanks, but no spoilers here:)

I am no relation (that I know of) to Josh Howard.

david gagnon's art show said...

i love this one great work