Monday, June 29, 2009

He's only 17

Its going to be a good week! Out on Wednesday, the big issue 17. This issue is part of our variant cover run, this months is by Ian Churchill. It is awesome for me to see a character I designed drawn by other amazing artists. So far in the run of the book we have had Wolf-Man covers or pin-ups done by super talents like- Ryan Ottley, Art Adams/David Williams, Kelsey Shannon, Chris Giarrusso, Dale Keown, Ian Churchill and coming up by Frank Cho and maybe some others!

So anyway, be on the lookout for these covers this week.


Adam Martin said...

Ahh! still trying to track down the issue 16 variant! I guess the thrill of the hunt is half the fun...The anoying half :-P

Adam Martin said...

what is the shipping ratio on this one?

Anonymous said...

@ Adam Martin
there were about 4 of em on ebay the past month. each going for over $40 usd :/ All gone for now it looks.

Jason Howard said...

I am pretty sure that it is 1 in 25 again.

Will Towles said...

i'm really looking forward to picking up #17 tomorrow. The ending of #16 was pretty tough! I loved the scene where the Wolfman inhaled Zechariah and then bit his hand off. lots of fun stuff, love the book.

ReZourceman said...

I vowed to get every single issue of Wolf-Man including variants.

The past few months this has proven costly. ;)

Good thing its worth it. :)

Keep up the good work Jason, this comic is right up there with Invincible as my favourite now, and your artwork just keeps getting better and better. It already makes me drool, can't imagine what kind of liquids it will make me squirt in another 17 issues time.

Anonymous said...

in the letters column of issue 17, kirkman mentioned an end to astounding wolf-man. any idea what issue it will be? thanks.


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