Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I'm in the papers...

...and on the web also. The local newspaper did a story on me that came out today. Its kinda funny, for years I have lived the lifestyle of work during the day and draw in the evening and weekends. but seeing it written in print in an actual newspaper, makes it seem impressive. Almost like it is not me that is being discussed. Odd. Anyway, for those not in the Lansing, Michigan area here is the link to the article-

Also, a week or so ago Robert talked about Wolf-Man in his column on CBR-

Oh, for those who come here to see pictures and not to read words, sorry for the lack of updates (I am pretty sure this has resulted in nobody coming here anymore, but anyway). All the stuff I have been drawing lately has been Wolf-Man related. I don't want to give away any pages, but here is a character design for a guy who appears in an upcoming issue.