Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Invincible vrs Wolf-Man

Here is the cover for Wolf-Man #11, which will be an Invincible crossover issue. Poor Wolf-Man is getting beat up... :(To balance things out, here is a rough cover sketch that shows the fight swinging a little more in Wolf-Mans favor. For some reason Robert didn't want to use this one...
Also, I think that the Monster Pile-Up book that I mentioned in a previous post is supposed to be in stores today. It has an original 4 page Wolf-Man story that picks up right after Wolf-Man #7.

Also, also the big San Diego Con starts this week. But not for me. I am staying home to work. At the time I made the decision it sounded like the responsible thing to do, but now I kinda wish I was going. Oh well.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Behind the 7

Well, I am back. This time I thought I would show some of the behind the scenes stuff for the recently released issue 7. Before that however, I wanted to say thanks to everyone who is buying the book. Issue 7 seems to be pretty well received. I think it wraps up the first arc well and sets a cool direction for the series. If you haven't be buying the book the first trade collecting 1-7 should be out sometime soon, a great place to get started. Or tell your friends to get started:)

Anyway. With issue 7 I started skipping the small size layouts and penciling the pages right on the board. Overall I am happy with this change. It seems to be less steps in the process for me and allow me to finish pages faster. So here are a couple pencil pages. Once I get the OK on these I starting inking. In some areas where it is really loose I will tighten them up a bit before I ink them.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Monsters - Seven

This is the cover for Image's Monster Pile-Up book. What is "Monster Pile -Up" you ask? Well, that is a fine question. The book has original short stories from some of the monster themed books that Image is doing right now. Including The Astounding Wolf-Man. Yay! Our story picks up right after the groundbreaking events of issue #7 and leads right into issue #8. Check it out homes.

The cover itself was an interesting process. I did a really rough layout for it...
Based on that each artist penciled their own character. Scans of the pencils went to Riley (Proof) Rossmo who composited them and drew in the background. That was all sent to Craig (Perhapanauts) Rousseau who inked the whole thing and then it was back to me to do the colors. Crazy.

Also, Wolf-Man #7 is scheduled to come out tomorrow. Here is the cover. If you have been following the series so far, this will be a good one. I mean they are all good, of course, but this one will be even more better. :)