Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Monsters - Seven

This is the cover for Image's Monster Pile-Up book. What is "Monster Pile -Up" you ask? Well, that is a fine question. The book has original short stories from some of the monster themed books that Image is doing right now. Including The Astounding Wolf-Man. Yay! Our story picks up right after the groundbreaking events of issue #7 and leads right into issue #8. Check it out homes.

The cover itself was an interesting process. I did a really rough layout for it...
Based on that each artist penciled their own character. Scans of the pencils went to Riley (Proof) Rossmo who composited them and drew in the background. That was all sent to Craig (Perhapanauts) Rousseau who inked the whole thing and then it was back to me to do the colors. Crazy.

Also, Wolf-Man #7 is scheduled to come out tomorrow. Here is the cover. If you have been following the series so far, this will be a good one. I mean they are all good, of course, but this one will be even more better. :)


aris said...

Nice job coloring that cover. I am gonna pick up the book in trade. really ice clean open art

Anonymous said...

Outstanding issue, stunning art, amazing end to your first arc... Congrats!!
And thank god you're going monthly, the wait between issues was a killer.

PS: Absoluly love your page layouts. Looks great with wolfie in various dynamic poses overlapping the panels.

rico said...

Great meeting you at the Heroes Con! This is an awesome blog. About the ink thing, is the ink dark enough once you scan it and level it out in Photoshop? Are you just concerned with how your originals look?