Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Invincible vrs Wolf-Man

Here is the cover for Wolf-Man #11, which will be an Invincible crossover issue. Poor Wolf-Man is getting beat up... :(To balance things out, here is a rough cover sketch that shows the fight swinging a little more in Wolf-Mans favor. For some reason Robert didn't want to use this one...
Also, I think that the Monster Pile-Up book that I mentioned in a previous post is supposed to be in stores today. It has an original 4 page Wolf-Man story that picks up right after Wolf-Man #7.

Also, also the big San Diego Con starts this week. But not for me. I am staying home to work. At the time I made the decision it sounded like the responsible thing to do, but now I kinda wish I was going. Oh well.


Anonymous said...

Gonna pick up monster pile-up, even if it's only a few pages... anything featuring Wolf-Man and your great art, i'll buy.

And really looking forward to the crossover...
Jason, please ink up that rough cover of Invincible getting ripped in two!!

Anonymous said...

Very nice, piece, Jason. It's a shame Robert rejected the other cover, that would have been incredible(or astounding).

Yes, I know it would be false advertising but so is the cover to Invincible #50 (there isn't a scratch on Cecil in that issue).

Go Wolfy! Kick his ass back to Viltrum!

Anonymous said...

Man, are you sure you ink that stuff by hand? That looks like illustrator you cheater! Seriously good stuff Jason.

Jason Howard said...

Thanks all.

Yeah if I get bored one of these days I'll finish that cover (that pretty much means I will never get it).

And Yep everything is inked by hand. In the past I have used Illustrator for some things, but nothing on Wolf-Man has been done in it. I know the software very well, and it is still faster for me to ink by hand than it is to get the result I want in Illustrator. But maybe someday I'll do a book that way.

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