Monday, October 30, 2006


I like drawing at cons. Sometimes. I recently read an article somewhere about creativity. It made the point that creativity comes from new experiences, and if you are stuck in a rut sometimes merely changing your surroundings can unstick you. Or at least give you a different perspective. Anyway, the Hulk here was a con sketch (the lines were, I colored it later of course). All the visual and artistic stimulation at a big con impacts how I draw at the show. Sometimes things turn out well, other times they are a bit choppy, but either way the result often feels different than if I am drawing in the familiarity of my studio at home.
Indy here is another commission. I'm not at all pleased with the likeness. But I got to draw a gun :)

Friday, October 27, 2006

Back again.

Just to make sure things get off to good start, here are a couple more images.

Science Dog here was pin up for Invincible 34. A great book, you must buy it. Or at least read the trades while sitting in the coffee shop attached to your local bookstore...

I think everyone should color their own work. At least give it an honest effort. Their are many
amazing colorists out there, guys (and girls too) whose work is far better than I will ever be. But for artists whose work will be in color, it seems that a big part of the vision is missing when another artist weighs in with the color choices. Color has such a big design and emotional impact that it seems that those are decisions that the original creator should make. On the other hand, I have a list of colorists that I would love to work with, because, well they are way better than me :) But I guess my point is that, for me, when I first started coloring my work a couple years ago, thats when I really felt like I was pulling some things together creatively. It forced me to think about color and design choices in the drawing stage, instead of just hoping that a colorist would save me.

This chick/robot drawing never really came together like I had hoped it would. It's an original character design and there are areas of the drawing that I am OK with, but the overall design of the elements don't quite work for me. It was dissapointing, because on my sketch I felt that it had all kinds of potential coolness, but I guess I got a little lost in the execution. Moving on.

The B/W image was commision for a friend. A slight reinterpretation of his characters. I like drawing guns.


Hey. This is my first post, hopefully it will be a somewhat regular pattern for me. Hopefully.

I plan to use this space to show some of my art. Mostly illustration, mainly the comics stuff that all we all love so much. But I might even breakout some of my design work and the retail packaging things that never end up with my name on it.

I have always dug the Savage Dragon. I did this image for no reason other than fun. While not perfect, it captures the overall feel I wanted to when I did the first sketch for the image. Anytime I can do that, I'm happy. Anyway it seemed like a good one to start with.