Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sports and Snow!

Just a quick one today (or tonight, or whenever you happen to be reading this).

Here is the finished T-Shirt design from the sketch in my last post. The shirt has to be printed in only 2 colors, so that of course limits aspect of the art. But it is still fun. If you live in Minnesota, some city league team somehwere is going to be wearing some sweet T-Shirts this summer.
I have done some other sports themed drawing lately, but I can't show them off yet. But trust me, it is for some cool projects. I love drawing this kind of stuff, particularly basketball, as I love to play the game. Although sitting around drawing all the time does not contribute positively to me being able to run up and down the court the way I used to. Anyway, to combine basketball and drawing is just super cool.

We got a bunch of snow throughout the month of February. My son (who is 5) asked me to help him make a snow fort, as is customary when a dad gets involved with his son's projects, I sort of took it up a level and worked on it long after he lost interest. But it was a ton of fun making the fort and playing in it with some of the neighborhood kids. Since it ended up being sort of a creative endevor I figured I would share it here.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Five is alive!

So tomorrow (Wednesday, March 12) is the day that issue #5 is supposed to be out. Yay. Finally. The art for this has been done awhile, it must be hockey season in Canda and all the printers would rather watch people hit each other with sticks than print our comics on a timely basis. In case you forgot what to look for here is the cover-

Also, to give you a little of the behind the scenes goodness that makes us all feel special, here are the rough layouts for the pages in my previous post.

And now for something different. Hold it now, hold it now, hit it. Here are a couple T-Shirt designs. This first one is for a baseball team (hopefully that is obvious) its still in progress but this is the approved sketch. I'll be sure to show the final when I finish it.

And finally, to wrap this party up here is a shirt design I did several months ago. A winter shirt for kids. And really, wouldn't our world be better off if more people did stuff for the kids?