Friday, March 27, 2009

MSU Comics forum.

Late notice, but for those of you in the Lansing, Michigan area I will be at the Michigan State University comics forum tomorrow (Saturday, March 28) from 11:30 am - 4:30 pm. Check more info here-


Anonymous said...

It was awesome to see you at the event Jason. Thanks for signing my comics and for that Hulk sketch. Keep up the good work on the Wolf-Man!


Ethan Watrall said...

it was great to meet you and chat - and we really appreciate you participating in the event. Also - the Hellboy sketch is epic (though nowhere as near as epic as a sketch of robots fighting tanks would have been). I already have it framed and ready to go onto the wall of my office (of "nerdopolis" as my students like to call it)

Jason Howard said...

Thanks guys! It was good to talk to you also. Glad you like the sketches. And Ethan, if I had known you were going to frame the Hellboy I would have spent more time on it... But if you want to see a robot fighting a tank here is a link to the Iron Giant commission I mentioned that I did a a couple years ago-

Ethan said...

Jason - the Hellboy sketch is need to have spent more time on it. And the Iron Giant commission looks wonderful - really nice lines.

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