Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Back from Con with news.

San Diego was great. Thanks to anyone who stopped by the table. Lots of fun times and cool announcements came from the convention but there was one somewhat sad one (at least for me). Robert announced our plans to wrap up Wolf-Man with issue 25. You can read all about it here-

But don't be too sad. We have tons of awesome coming up in the remaining 8 issues. Plus this points out one of the cool things of creator owned comics, we can decide to wrap up a story at a logical end point and leave the character at a good place rather than have this type of decision made by a publisher who may or may not have the best interest of the story in mind. Anyway, while I will miss drawing Wolf-Man and company, I still have 6-7 months of work to do on the series and I am committed to make them the best issues that I can. I can't talk yet about what I will be doing after Wolf-Man, but Robert and I have been developing a new project for over a year and I cant wait to get started drawing it... Its going to rock!

Here is the cover for issue 25, I think there will be some fighting in this issue :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Comic Con!

Just a note to let everyone know that I will be at the big San Diego Comic Con next week (July 22-26). I'll be sitting at the Image booth, sharing a table with Jon Sommariva and just over from Ryan Ottley So look me up and say "Hi". Seriously if you are reading this and then you see me in San Diego and don't say hi, it will make me sad.

I plan to be doing sketches and I'll have the first 2 volumes of the Wolf-Man trades for sale, as well as 12X18 prints of some of the covers.

I will also debut my new 'sketchbook' at the con. Its not really a sketchbook, as it contains finished pieces and not sketches, so I guess it is more of an art book. But it is the same size and binding as a regular comic, not all thick and book-like. Its called Gun-Play and the theme is girls with guns. I think I have posted an image or 2 here in the past. It is 20 pages, full color, and all the illustrations were created specifically for this book. The print run is limited to 100 copies. I haven't decided on the final price yet but it will probably be around $20. If I have books left after the show I plan to offer them for sale online. I'll give more details when/if this happens. Anyway, I put the cover up here, so even if you don't want to buy the book, you can look at the cover for free