Sunday, August 19, 2007

More Con Sketches

Check me out, 2 posts in one weeek! Here are a couple more con sketches from the past couple weekends. Thanks to those who sent them in. There are more out there so keep them coming!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Con Sketches

Hi all. San Diego was a blast. Thanks to everyone who stopped by my table. This past weekend I was at Wizard World Chicago. Also a good time. I met a bunch of great people. I was set up next to Ivan Brandon, Andy MacDonald and the rest of the NYC Mech crew. They do great stuff, check them out.

Here are a couple con sketches from San Diego and a small (but fun) show I did in Massachusetts. I know there are a bunch more out there so if you have one, send me a scan yo! Particularly if it is a good one. Those who got crappy sketches from me don't need to send in those :)

There is an interview up with me today on Newsarama promoting issue #3 which will be out in September. You can check it out here-

On a sad note, comic artist Mike Wieringo passed away earlier this week. I didn't know Mike really much at all. But the one time I met him was years ago at a small show in Chicago. I was showing my portfolio around and he was incredibly gracious and encouraging in his review. I never forgot that. In more recent years he had gone out of his way to compliment my work online, I had hoped to see him at a con again soon to thank him for the encouragement he gave me along the way. I guess that will have to wait. My prayers are with his family.