Monday, May 14, 2012

Super Dinosaur 10 Pencils

Whew, been a while since I've updated this. Going to try to get new art up here more regularly.

Starting with issue 9 of Super Dinosaur the art wizard Cliff Rathburn  has been inking my pencils. It saves me all kinds of time. I am still coloring the book, so don't worry my free time is still quite limited. Cliff inked me on one issue of Astounding Wolf-Man, but thats my only other experience with an inker. I am quite please with how things are working out so far and it allows us to turn finished issues around faster, so everyone wins!

My "pencils" are actually drawn digitally using SketchBook Pro software on a Wacom Cintiq. There are pros and cons of doing it this way, but the main pro is speed. To get all 'behind the scenes', here are some of my digital pencils from issue 10 then the inked and colored page for comparison.


Anonymous said...

That one of TC jumping of the tree is excellent. Using it as my desktop background. Keep up the awesome work.

Scott LeMien said...

Based on this, count me in the minority that really likes your pencils much more than the finished inks. I wish you used that, instead. There's more life in the drawings.

Scott LeMien said...

But I should add that you're still a super-awesome comic artist.

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