Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Super Dino Cover 5 Process

 Cover process time! The cover for issue 5 needed to represent our heros fight against the giant and evil Mega-Raptor!

This first sketch was OK but, we decided that more of the raptor should be seen and Super Dinosaur himself should be in his battle armor and more prominently displayed.
 Here is the revised sketch. Some color thrown in to help separate the elements.
The first 2 sketches were drawn in Photoshop with a Wacom tablet. Its hard to get much detail with it but very useful for figuring out design and composition stuff. This tighter sketch below was drawn by hand over a printout of the Photoshop sketch, then scanneed back into Photoshop where I could easily add perspective grid lines.

That was then printed out in light blue onto the Image bristol board. With a blue Col-Erase pencil I drew the finish detail and all the background stuff.
Then inked it with a mixture of pens and brush.

And finally scanned back into Photoshop for the coloring.


Juan Albarran said...

It´s amazing how much better you are now compared to those first Wolf Man issues. Love this cover!

Jay said...

When you scan your inked art back into Photoshop, what dpi and file type do you usually utilize? Just curious - I seem to get mixed results with mine. Thanks!

Nice piece, by the way.

AndrewNielson said...

Interesting process. I like the iterations back and forth between digital and traditional. Especially the fact that your first thumbnail was digital and then printed out for adding detail. I wouldn't have thought of trying that. Thanks for sharing!