Friday, October 27, 2006


Hey. This is my first post, hopefully it will be a somewhat regular pattern for me. Hopefully.

I plan to use this space to show some of my art. Mostly illustration, mainly the comics stuff that all we all love so much. But I might even breakout some of my design work and the retail packaging things that never end up with my name on it.

I have always dug the Savage Dragon. I did this image for no reason other than fun. While not perfect, it captures the overall feel I wanted to when I did the first sketch for the image. Anytime I can do that, I'm happy. Anyway it seemed like a good one to start with.



Samuel Ellis said...

Looks good and welcome to the wonderful world of Blogging. Look forward to seeing some regular post and I hope it doesn't slow down any post over at Gaijin.

Sam (missleman) Ellis

Jason Howard said...

Sam- Hopefully it will force me to have more of a 'presence' online nad maybe even post more than once every couple months at Gaijin :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Jason, I got the first issue of The Astounding Wolfman during free comic book day. And i got to say, i love it. It really reminds me of those old "tales of horror" type comics. I love the writing, its simple, and straight to the important stuff. I also love the style in which its drawn, great job, you just earned a new fan.

Sigma Tempest

Unknown said...

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