Friday, June 27, 2008

Post Heros

For the past few years I have been hearing good things about Heros Con in Charlotte, NC. I can now say that they are all true. What a cool convention. I had a blast. If you haven't been, you should make plans to go. Make them now. Right now. Go.

I did a bunch of sketches, and many people came up to talk about the book. So thanks to all. Here are a couple of the sketches I did.

At the show I hung out with art wizard Ryan (Invincible) Ottley. We got to talking about doing something fun and awesome together. After the show he did a sketch, check it out-


NewsCoder said...

Love the bear/shark crossover!

Rob Revell said...

One suggestion for anyone coming to the Heroes Con '09 to meet Jason, bring a few dollars for "Witty Banter"!

Pete said...

Hope your Bear and Shark thing see's the light of day and great sketches J!!
And thanks to the Boston Tea Party... i too have one of those beauties hanging on my wall.
Don't you just love taxes and tea!?

alan said...

I would buy the bear/shark crossover without hesitation sir. In a heartbeat. Great sketches, I got to see one you did for the owner of my LCS, a Hellboy. It was really good.

Ice Dragon said...

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