Monday, June 16, 2008

Cover 10, Heros and the Pig-icorn

I gots some art for you. But not too much, I have to spread these posts out a bit you know.

The first is the cover to Wolf-Man #10. If its not obvious I was going for a Batman feel with this one. I also inked this with a "real" brush. A Scharff #3, if you care. It was way fun. It has been at least 3 years since I have inked anything with a real brush. Typically these days I use brush markers and pens as I hate having to spend the time cleaning the ink out of a brush. With a marker kind you just pop the cap on and done. But I realized how much I missed making lines with a good brush. I also had a small unlabeled bottle of ink that had been sitting in a drawer forever and the consistency was perfect, very black. I liked using the brush so much that I used it on a couple pages, until my ink ran out. Bad news, because I haven't been able to find ink that is nearly as opaque as what was in my mystery jar. Any suggestions on good ink brands...?

This is a Pig-icorn. Does he really need anymore explanation than that?

Also, if you are going to be at Hero's Con in Charlotte this coming weekend, stop by and say hi. I will be sitting somewhere. Presumably in the vicinity of Robert Kirkman. So just look for the line of people with Walking Dead trades.


Pete said...

Another fine cover J, I think the way you use your colours to create distance and depth in your backgrounds are fantastic! And I'm really digging the colour palettes you go with too.

Don't really know what to say about the pigicorn!?

Have a great con!!

Shazam! said...

Love the Bat-like cover-see you at Heroescon!

Inkermark said...

For a good ink combo, I like to use regular Higgins drawing ink and add som universal Draw Rapidograph ink. It's nice and black and doesn't gunk up at all. I've been using it for years and I've been doing this inkin' thing for a while!
Have fun at the show!

Gjskier (Kal) said...

Rockin cover.

One of these days I'll at least make it up to Wizard World Chicago to see ya. Unless of course you make it to KC sometime (*hint, hint). Still, have fun at the con.


Gary Seaward said...

Lovin the darkness of cover #10!!!!

Pete said...

What's with this thing you thought up with Ryan Ottley... "The story of a bear and a shark that got mixed up".

Will this ever see light of day, or where you just fooling around... probably whilst drunk, me thinks?

It's posted on his site... I'd love to see your take on it.