Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cover 18 Process

Here is the cover for issue 18. A fun action shot of Mr. Wolf-Man and company. Plus I included a more detailed than normal step by step process thing. I think the images are pretty self explanatory so I'll spare you my commentary. Thanks for checking it out!


Peter Alger said...

Amazing cover Jason, looks like a team-up!?

And that cover process is one of the best things i've ever seen.
Thanks for sharing!

Also, i've seen 3 different variants for upcoming issues and if i'm correct, they're for issues #16, #17 and #18.
Is this right?

michaeljsmith said...

great work as always and I continue to be a fan of you posting "the process" - that is something that most of us common fans do not truly appreciate....


Anonymous said...

Awesome! I can't wait.

ReZourceman said...

Excellent front cover dude. Thats brilliant. I'm so intrigued about The Face.

Jay Jacot said...

Once again Jason amazing cover...

You've posted yet another piece that invokes intrigue into what is to come.

Great design I really enjoy seeing you color your own work.

Looking forward to seeing it in print and in my hands when I read it.


Unknown said...

Hi Jason, I love your work in the Astoundign Wolf-Man. I love all issues and I want to ask something. There is a way to buy the astounding Wolf-Man #1?

I only don't have this issue becuase i know about wolf-man time later.

Thanks and keep up the work!

Jason Howard said...

Thanks all, glad you like the cover, I plan to do more process images like that in the future.

Regarding the variants, yes I think that is what is going on. Honestly I don't handle those details directly and I tend to forget exactly what issue has what variant.

Regarding buying issue #1, it is collected in the volume #1 trade available on Amazon. Or if you just want the issue I guess you could try some online comic shops or E-bay. Not sure where would be the best place for that.

Unknown said...


I'm getting crazy to know you made a reply!

As a favor, If you ever visit Mexico, I want to meet you. I want a draw of the Wolf man or an autograph. It will make me really happy, Thanks and keep up the work

Anonymous said...

Hola Gatuna_123,
I have about 50 copies of Astounding Wolfman Numero uno. I would be glad to send you one free. Send your address to my email address. It is
Tim O