Wednesday, April 01, 2009


In stores today. Buy it! Lots of cool prisony stuff this issue, plus the introduction of a major new bad guy in poor Wolf-Mans life.


Peter Alger said...

Great issue Jason!
I have to face it, i can't wait to see what type of face "The Face" is hiding under his face hiding face mask.
We'll probably find out when Gary faces The Face in face to face combat and rips it off... his mask, not his face... but he'll probably do that too!

Dr. Chaos said...

You know, it's funny. When I first heard about The Face, I was expecting some big burly stout crime boss like The Kingpin with a The Question mask on and he turns out to basically be this scrawny short guy with a hand towel over his face.

(I'm complimenting that decision basically, nicely done)

Did the character design for The Face change alot from where it started out or is this basically what you guys had in mind from the first sketch?

Jason Howard said...

Thanks guys! The Face is turning into one of my favorite characters. His design was pretty much all Robert. He had a pretty specific idea from the start for this dude.

vbjjr74 said...

Hey Jason,

I just picked up this issue today. The face is insane!! He has the potential to be the next major bad guy of the kirkman universe.

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