Sunday, November 30, 2008

Time for 10

Issue 10 should be out this Wednesday. Its the big "secret orgin of Zechariah" issue. Here is some of the process stuff for the cover (the original black and white art for this, is for sale at Plug. Plug).

After talking about the type of image that we wanted with Robert, I did a couple small sketches. I wanted something with a "Batman" feel. This one seemed to have potential so I dropped in some color to start getting a sense for what the final image might look like.

Once I got the OK on this sketch I began the pencils. After seeing how it worked with the logo dropped in place, I decided that the design worked better facing the other direction.

Then on to the inks. This was done with a real brush. This marks a switch for me on Wolf-Man as previous to this I had mostly been using brush markers and pens to ink with. Since this cover I have done a majority of the inking with a real brush.

And here is the final cover all colored and with the logo and other trade dress in place. So as not to make it seem too "girly" I left out the pink background in favor of the red. Sorry to any girls who would have preferred the pink :)


Scott James Art said...

very nice!!!!:) KUDOS!

Jay Jacot said...

Great image!

Your grasp of color never ceases to amaze.

The transition to a real brush was a good choice as this work shows. The Final inks are truly astounding!

Keep it up,


Anonymous said...

Great stuff Jason!!
Keep these "behind the scenes" coming, they're always great to see.

Anonymous said...

I like that you left a little bit of pink on the jacket and the bats, it makes the scene more vibrant and interesting.