Tuesday, August 11, 2009

18 & iPhone

Hey peoples. Tomorrow is the big day, issue 18 should be in stores and it is a good one. With the prison arc wrapped up last issue, this one begins to set the stage for big new things, and some big old things. And some medium sized and even small things. All sort of things really. So check it out. This months variant by Frank Cho (he's so good).

EDIT- Actually this issue is supposed to come out NEXT week, August 19. Sorry for the mix up.

Also, for those of you with an iPhone or iPod touch be sure to check out the "Comics" app in the iTunes app store. I have really been into comics on my iPod touch, and in my opinion this app has the best reading experience. If you havent tried it yet give it a shot. Plus this is the place to get Wolf-Man comics. The Comics app is $.99 and comes with the first issue of Wolf-Man and many other titles for free. You can then purchase subsequent issues from right within the app. Come on, step into the future.

For those waiting, I should have ordering information on my sketchbook up here soon. I have been super busy the past couple weeks catching up from Comic Con. I know, whine whine.


Adam Martin said...

Jason Howard AND Frank Cho...I'm am soooo excited!!!

Unknown said...

Awesome! Clem's Collectible didn't have it today. I looks up in Comixology site and release issue #18 next week 8/19. You + Frank Cho = totally awesome cover art.

Will Towles said...

Looks great, especially the Cho cover. I really enjoy this book. Is the world going to get blown up like it did in the Invincible world?

Adam Martin said...

YES! I got a cho cover today!

Jason Howard said...

Will- Wolf-Man exists in the same world as Invincible but it is its own story and in what I have drawn so far we don't see much of what happened in Invincible. Plus its a big world Wolf-Man hangs out in all the non- trashed parts of it :)

Adam Martin said...

Anyone need a copy or 8 of #18 regular cover? I've got some extras. $2.99 plus shipping, just hit me up on myspace, facebook, or at cma3k@Juno.com.


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