Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas!

I hope you all have a great holiday this coming week. Hopefully you have some time off from work/school and are able to spend some time with family and friends. Remember the true meaning of the season and try to avoid getting caught up in the commercialization of the holiday. Of course if you want to be commercialized, well who I am I to stop you? In fact let me even suggest something that you can spend your money on. Shipping to finer comic book shops everywhere this week are both parts of the Invincible/Wolf-Man crossover. Invincible 57 actually continues the story from Wolf-Man 10, and leads right into Wolf-Man 11. Lots of cool stuff. I got to draw Invincible which was fun. And Ryan Ottley draws a great Wolf-Man. So check it out.


Peter Alger said...

This is a great couple of comics to end the year on!!
Merry Christmas J

drawmein said...

Thank you for everything dude! Have a Merry Christmas Jason.

Jon T said...

Have a good Christmas. I'll be sure to pick these two up.

VagrantWulf said...

I just managed to pick up both issues, and the crossover was a really fun read, it was grand to see more of the Elder too, if only for a little bit.

One thing I'll note though, Ottley's interpretation of Wolf-man did seem to have a bit of an influence on you in the second part, but of the two I definitely prefer your Wolf-man, and how you've been visualising him up til now. I think you've always done a great job of bringing life and emotion to Gary's bestial form, which I imagine must be quite tricky at times!

That said, I hope you had a great Christmas, Jason!

Adam said...

VagrantWulf, I think what you're seeing is the difference Cliff Rathburn's inks have made on Jason's pencils. Cliff's stuff is definitely closer to Ottley's than Jason's, after all.

And actually, Jason -- this is what I came to ask about. I loved the issue; I especially enjoyed your renditions of Cecil and Immortal -- but I hope Cliff Rathburn isn't staying on as permanent inker, because the results were just not as good as when you ink your own stuff. He buried nearly all of your fat lines and sharp edges. While the end result is definitely cool (make no mistake, I'm a fan of Cliff's work) -- it's just not the same. I LOVE your artwork and it is the primary reason I make sure to get Wolf-Man issues the day they are released (something I don't do with most books).

Anyway, the issue was still awesome, but I do think your work shines more when you're doing the inks.

Happy holidays!

Jason Howard said...

Hey thanks guys! Yeah Cliff, only inked this issue. We under a bit of a time crunch and he really helped us out, also Robert thought it might be cool to see how Cliffs inks looked on me. Issue 12 was back to me inking. Pretty soon I post some of my pencil pages for issue 11.

Dr. Chaos said...

Jason, I can't say enough good things about the crossover between you and Ryan.

I know I'm always coming in here and kissing your ass but I wouldn't be doing it if there wasn't a damn good reason for it.

#11 was one of those reasons.
it's been a long time since a comic book made me feel like a kid again so anxious to turn the page and find out what happens next but this really was fantastic.

As far as firsts goes (and this is the first genuinely big team up between Wolfie and Mark), you guys delivered and Jason has definitely shown he's improving every issue, if you haven't noticed it before, you definitely while reading this one.