Thursday, October 09, 2008


Here's a Wolverine that I did just for fun. Everyone likes Wolverine right? Yes, I know that his costume is not quite right. I based it on the JR JR design from the Enemy of the State run, and the web image I found for reference was tiny and I missed some details (5 geek points for anyone who knows what the costume is missing). Then as I was coloring the image I realized I had this trade on my book shelf which is full of non-tiny art and would have made great reference. Oh well.


Unknown said...

I likes it! Well done and nice finish of Wolverine! I see nothing wrong with his outfit. Wolverine is one mine most favorite character all time from X-Men. Especially Hugh Jackman plays Wolverine very well.

michaeljsmith said...

nice job.... i am hoping to make it to Windy City Comic Con to get a couple of books signed and maybe a quick sketch from you.

Love your work

Anonymous said...

Great looking Wolverine!
Especially like the little detail where his costume folds up at the top of his leg.
Great colors too, love the shoulder pad.

And what do geek points get me?
Because i'd say the little yellow triangles from the side of his legs, should continue up into his body too.

How'd i do?

Jason Howard said...

Pete wins the geek points! They can be redeemed for cash at your local comic shop.

Legal Disclaimer- Not all comic shops participate with the 'geek point' reward system.

Anonymous said...

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