Wednesday, October 01, 2008

8 Process

So, here we are again. How's your week going? Good? I'm glad to hear it. Now on to business.

This time I thought that I would show some of the process stuff for a couple pages from the recently released issue #8. First a little background. Starting with issue #8 (actually it started with the short story in Monster Pile-Up but since that was not a full issue I will just say "starting with issue #8") Fco Placencia has been helping me out on the coloring of the book. Fco also colors Invincible as well as the neato Gemini book from Image, check them out. Anyway, I am big nerd for color. In a perfect world I would have a clone of me that did all my coloring for me. This clone would also have more talent and be more skilled than I. While I know that I am not the worlds best colorist, I enjoy coloring my own work, and I even more than that I like having the control. Thats the reason why for the first 7 issues of Wolf-Man I colored them. But the reality is that this stuff has to be done on a relatively quick time table and it is hard enough to pencil a monthly book, let alone pencil ink and color one. In order for me to be able to spend the time necessary to do the level of quality I want to do on the actual drawing (and hopefully improve), I needed to give up some of the coloring. This is where Fco comes in. He takes my flat colors adds light and shadow and brings them to life. So on the following 2 sets of examples you will see the whole page from the rough pencils/layout that I do, to the inks, to my flat colors and finally to Fco's finished colors. Enjoy.


Jake Ekiss said...

Very cool stuff, Jason. I dig getting to see people's processes. Also, Fco's a madman, and I'm glad he's the one giving you a break from coloring. His stuff is a nice compliment to your style, even if I do prefer your colors (and I do).

Anyway, you're tearing it up, dude. I can't wait to see what's next!

Anonymous said...

Really interesting post Jason!!

When i was reading the AWM, i was looking to see where your work ended and Fco's started, this shows it brilliantly.

I'm really glad that you still put down the colors yourself, it keeps the book looking like it's old self, whilst Fco's finishing, although different, don't distract too much from the original look at all... you make a great team!

Can't wait for more Wolf-Man!!

Scott James Art said...

Great stuff as usual!!!

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