Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Something different

Just playing around here. These might end up in a sketchbook someday, but other than that I just did them for fun. The first is the Batman from Superman Red Son. I love the Dave Johnson art, but I had never drawn this version of Batman he designed. So now I have. The girl is a character I just made up because I wanted to draw a gun.


Anonymous said...

Sweet Batman...
I swear i'd buy any comic you draw... but don't ever leave AWM!!

Anonymous said...


That Red Son Batman is freaking amazing. My friend got a Red Son Batman from Ryan Ottley this year at comic con that looks great too.

I missed you at San Diego this year, I was the one that got the Bizarro from you last year.

Anyway, keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

lovin' the mobius-see inks on batmankoff! thats a sweet little piece, nice girl with gun as well. the cover process for 8 was terrific, keep those coming! glad to know you're still flatting your pages, you're one of the best color theory guys out there...

p.s. we're still waiting for ya over on deviantart.....

dusty abell

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