Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Trade me.

Today the first Wolf-Man trade should be in comic book stores. The book collects issues 1-7, plus it has a nifty sketchbook section showing many of the unused designs and other stuff that went into creating the book. Buy it, it will make your life better:) I got my copy a couple days ago and it was like Christmas. It is pretty cool to see all that work and all those pages collected together in one place. Here is the cover so that you know what to look for.Now, I dont want your trip here to be lacking any new art to see, so here is the cover I just finished for the second trade paperback. I still have the background collage to drop in but I am waiting until I have a couple more issues drawn to do create that. As you can see we are following a consistent design approach with these covers, once we have a few out they should look pretty sweet all together.


Unknown said...

Awesome and congralutaions on your first TBP. Well done on covers and I dig alot on second one.

Alexander Roman said...

I was wanting to treat myself with something today!
And this is that thing ;)

I'm so stoked about the next story arc!

Anonymous said...

The cover for Vol. 2 looks amazing! I love that pose!

Anonymous said...

Pick the trade up even though i've got all the singles...
Thought to myself, why the hell not!?

Vol.2's cover is looking cool, really like the green!

Anonymous said...

Looks great and man..does that look on Chloe's face have me worried.

I wish you guys luck on getting the next few issues out soon, you and Robert won over alot of people with the last issue and I'd really like to see that interest sustained.

Anonymous said...

At the start of AWM i wasn't that big on your artwork, mister howard. It took me until issue four to see that you really are the best man for the job and your work is amazing. You can see an incredible improvement between issues 1 and 7. You are now one of my favourite artists. Looking forward to more of your art soon.

Jason Howard said...

Thanks all!

Dr Chaos- Issue 8 has been finished for some time now. It should be out soon. 9 is complete as well.

anonymous- Thanks. I plan for improvement to continue. I think I have a ways to go before I am happy with my work.

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