Thursday, May 08, 2008

News and Nine

Well, the official announcement came from Image this week, Wolf-Man is going to a monthly schedule! Here is the press release for more details-
I am excited about this, as a reader I am not a big fan of waiting so long between issues of a comic on a bi-monthly schedule. We have wanted to do this from the start, but both Robert and my schedules needed some time to clear up a bit. Of course this means a little more work for me, but so far things are right on track.

And for another super sneak peak. Here is the cover for issue #9.


NewsCoder said...

Congrats on the monthly schedule; this is great news for everyone!

Gary Seaward said...

That's great news!!!
So with it going monthly, is Wolf-Man now your full time job?

Gjskier (Kal) said...

Jason, I loved reading this news when it was announced. Kinda doubles the work load now eh? A labor of love right? Congrats!

Josh Heusinkveld said...

Congratulations on the monthly schudel; looking forward to see next issue of Wolf-Man. Also thank you very much for sign and quick sketch of Wolf-Man my autograph book on FCBD at Clem's Collectibles. It was honor and mean alot to me.