Thursday, May 01, 2008

Appearances and Cover #7

Hey all. I realized that the previous post has the cover for issue #8 but I don't think I have posted issue #7 cover here yet. Maybe I have posted it, I cant remember. Hmmm, well, if I have then here it is again. If I haven't then here it is for the first time!

I also thought I should mention that I have some upcoming appearances, so stop by yo. I plan to have color prints of some Wolf-Man covers for sale as well as those dandy sketch books that everyone loves so much. I will also smile at you (if you buy something first).

May 3 (Free Comic Book Day) from about 11-2.
Clem's Collectibles
Lansing, MI

May 10 & 11
Emerald City Comicon
Seattle, WA

June 20-22
Heros Convention
Charlotte, NC

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Gary Seaward said...

lookin good! So any chance of you comin' to a UK con one day?