Saturday, December 08, 2007

Issue #4 is coming...

It is supposed to be in stores this coming week. Lots of good stuff this time, trust me, I wouldn't lie to you. I mean really, what good would it do me? Its a good thing I'm coloring this book on the computer, because if I was using traditional media I would have used up all the red paint from every art store in town (for those of you not as quick, that means that there is a whole lot of blood in this issue) :)

The cover is somewhere below in a previous post, but here are a couple pages from the issue and their rough layout.

Also, I should have a cover process post for issue #6 coming soon. Tell your friends.


Anonymous said...

Pitty this comics only out bi-mothly, but hey... if you want quality!?
And it's great to see the process from rough to finished page... it still amazes me when i see the end result from how it started!
Looking forward to seeing what you've done with the cover to #6.

Anonymous said...

Hello Jason !
I'm a french fan of the series, and I just post to say that I love TAWM.
Issue 4 is really fantastic.
I love more and more your draws.
Long life !

Jason Howard said...

Thanks guys! And yeah, I would like to increase the frequency of the book at some point. So stay tuned... :)

Anonymous said...

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