Thursday, December 27, 2007

Cover #6 Process and More!

Before we begin today, a quick Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all! Now down to business.

The cover to issue 6 is one of my favorites so far. I really like drawing the Actioneers, the superhero team that Wolf-Man has some issues with, so designing a cover with them all fighting sounded like it could be cool. After a couple scribbly attempts, this was the idea I felt had some promise.
After looking at it more we decided that it might be better to have the other characters in the foreground.
As is my usual process, I enlarged the layout to comic board size and lightboxed it with blue pencil, tightening details and tweaking things a bit as I drew. And I forgot to scan my pencils again, so you can't see those. See the problem is that I don't have a big scanner, so I have to scan this stuff in pieces and put back together in Photoshop. I hate that part, cause nothing ever lines up right. So beacuse I don't like doing it and because I don't need to do it for the pencils (other than to show you guys) I often "forget" to do it. But I'll try to do better. Promise. Anyway, excuses over, here are the inks. Yay!

And now the final colors.

Also, here is a con sketch that I forgot to post sooner. Big thanks to Brian for the reminder.


Anonymous said...

Great cover again and it's still great to see how the cover process works.

The actioneers look great too! Can't think of the name of the blue & black guy, but love his face. And it took me a while to notice the guy in the background with the axe... nice!

Quick question: Do you have input into the BG colors / did you plan for it to be green?

Great con sketch too... please keep posting all your future con sketches.

Been checking out more closely the page of yours i bought from Spash... How on earth do you get your lines so straight and crisp, leading to the thinest points at the ends?? I don't believe a human can draw like this, you've gotta be a robot... or atleast have a robot drawing hand!?

Happy new year J!!

Jason Howard said...

Thanks. Yeah, you could say I had input on the colors, as I colored it myself :)

And the crisp lines, I don't know, that just the way I ink them, no special tools, just brushes and pens. Mostly Faber Castel PITT brand these days, but I often try differnt inking tools.

Anonymous said...

Well i'm twice as impressed seeing as i now know you colored it.
Don't even know why i thought somone else did it?

And you probably think it's not so special being able to ink how you do, but i've picked up a few of these pens and had a try... it aint easy. Just had a look at the inking on my page again... and i'm still blown way!

Thanks for answering!

Anonymous said...

I am a hungarian comic fan.
I really like your drawings! Never seen a quality like this before, and i hope it's just the beginning of something.
I am curious about the devices you use when you work with the computer. Do you use a GraphPad or just a single mouse, or something else?
Best wishes!

Gjskier (Kal) said...

Hello Jason, I just wanted to know when issue #5 was scheduled for? I'm on edge for my fix of Wolf-man.


Jason Howard said...

Gergley- For coloring I mostly just use a mouse. I have the small (cheap) wacom tablet, and it gets occasional use but I just don't tend to feel as comfortable with it as I do with a mouse.

Gjskier- I think that issue #5 is scheduled for January, but I am betting it wont come out until early February. It is cool though. You should keep your eye on page 3 in particular... :)

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