Tuesday, October 16, 2007

TPB #1 Cover process

Well the trade collecting the first 4 issues of Astounding Wolf-Man is soliceted for January (I think) make sure to buy lots! Here is some of the process we went through for the cover. It started with a conversation with Robert (the writer) where we talked about some of the design elements we though would be cool. This was my first sketch based on that. I liked it alright...

...but Robert wasn't down with Wolfman's pose. So I worked up some other ideas. We decided to go with number "B" below.

Here I tightened up the drawing a bit. I really wanted the logo and everything to fit together well. So I mocked it up in Photoshop with the logo to make sure I had enough room.

Then I enlarged this to fit standard comic board size and lightboxed it to the board with blue pencil, tightening up the details as I traced it. I dont have a scan of those, so you will have to use your imagination and picture it. While your at it also imagine a beach in the Carribean on a beautiful sunny day. Your laying there next to a gorgeous woman (or man) with no responsibilities just enjoying the moment. Nice isnt it? Well hopefully this final image of the inked and colored cover will bring you a small portion of that Carribean happiness. Or maybe it won't but its all I have for you.


Benjamin said...

Hey, Jason! More cool stuff from you makes my week even better! I plan on buying all the trades as well as the single issues. I want to keep this book alive because I am now a fan after 3 issues. I was wondering if the TPB would have any sketches like the ones on this website. I know Kirkman usually has a sketch gallery in the back of his books and would love to see one similar to the one in the Director's Cut of issue one. Thanks for posting more cool stuff and being awesome! Bye!

Gjskier (Kal) said...

You sir, are one funny guy.

And also a good artist.