Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fun with 21!

Hey ladies in the place I'm callin' out to ya! Or if you are a male I guess I am telling you also. Issue 21 of Wolf-Man comes out today. This issue has werewolves, a girl robot (of course), guns, jumping, bad guys, bad guys jumping, more werewovles and trees. Maybe even an airplane. So run out and make it your own. Ill be back before long with some of the pencils and such for this issue. Below is the cover.

Also, I thought you all should know that I have a new website. Yay! For now, I plan for the new site to be more of a gallery. So I will keep this blog rolling along, hopefully with more frequent posts. But check out the new place anyway. Tell your friends about it and link to it.


Adam Martin said...

Yay new site! I ordered enough of #21 to snag me 2 variant covers as well. can't wait till motor city and i'm gonna try and got to cherry cap con too!

I say just combine everything to the new site.

ReZourceman said...

WHOA! Whats the croc! Thats awesome!

ReZourceman said...

Oh and I ordered 10 copies too! :p

Just need one variant cover now and I've got every single issue of Wolf-Man incl variants. :D

Jason Howard said...

Adam- Thanks! I should be at both those shows.

Re- The croc is the cover for issue 27 of Elephantmen from Image. Drop me an e-mail about what variant you need, I may have a source :)

ReZourceman said...

Sweet Christmas that would be absolutely amazing Jason. The issue is the Ian Churchill variant, #17. Im on

Thanks a lot. :)

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Robert Chandler said...

I just finished the last Wolf-Man trade. I'm both excited and sad. I'm so thrilled to have read this exciting book with spectacular art. Ultimately, I'm so happy a book like this got made and I'm so happy I experienced it. Your brilliant art is a huge part of the reason I was so passionate about the book. It looked simple and bold, yet it was beautifully designed and executed. The art has such warmth and humor, but was exciting and emotional as well. Your storytelling skills are among the best. Best of all, it felt different. I've been reading comics since 1975 when I was a child. Your art made me feel that the same excitement and wonder I felt when I picked up my first few comics.
Thanks for the great work and thanks for Wolf-Man!