Monday, December 07, 2009

20 Time!

The big issue 20 comes out this week. I know finally, right? For those keeping track this issue was originally supposed to come out sooner. Hopefully the wait will be worth it. For those who liked the jatpacky goodness of issue 19, I think this issue will have some similarly cool bits. I have been drawing lots of pages lately ( though not all of them for Wolf-Man, more on this in the coming months), and I have been working super hard to both improve and get pages done quickly. I question the "either/or" logic some people tend to apply to things. In reference to art I often hear things like "you can either have it fast or good". Can't we have both? I understand that spending more time allows for more refinement and detail, but there exist artists whose work is awesome and they also get work done on a quick schedule. So shouldn't that be the goal? Sometimes I think artists give themselves an 'out' by saying either/or. So while I am neither as good or as fast as I want to be, I am trying for both :)

Here is a link to a 5 page preview of issue 20.

And finally the cover. First the sketch, you may notice the parallels to this cover and the cover issue #1. That was intentional and awesome as it saved me the time of drawing a new background.
Now the final. Buy every comic you see this Wednesday that has this cover on it!


Adam Martin said...

I will pick up my standard 2 copies right after class tomorrow. I can't wait!

Jason, you should start a Facebook Fan page.

Peter Alger said...

Wow, never noticed that the background was the same as issue #1.
Look forward to seeing what you and Robert have up your sleeves next.

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