Wednesday, February 25, 2009


So, I have been a little slow on posts lately. Sorry. Not to make excuses but I have been drawing like a crazy person and just haven't had much extra time. Anyway, issue #13 comes out to day. Big things are happening in the world of Wolf-Man so check it out. I'll be back soon with some pencil pages and other goodness.


Reel Whore said...

No worries. Posting is secondary to putting out great art month after month.

I'm scooping up my copy of 13 today. I can't wait to see what happened in the woods!

Alexander Roman said...

Hey we all get busy!

But man this sucks! I'm behind only because my comic shop didn't have issue 11. I picked up 10 and 12, but I haven't read 12 yet! It's bizzare and unfair!

That won't stop me from collecting it though.
Keep up the awesome work, man!

michaeljsmith said...

another great issue - well done and the fight scene at the end were beautifully drawn

Jason Howard said...

Thanks all!

Anonymous said...

Cool issue!
12 was better do, artwise

Anonymous said...

Bah. The world is conspiring to keep Wolf-Man out of his awesome superhero gear.

First the torn clothes/nakedness and now a prison jumpsuit.

Beware, world! Wolf-Man's costume will have it's revenge!

Seriously though, another excellent installment in Kirkman's latest budding superhero ongoing, I thought it was a markedly better issue than last month's.

Jason, feel free to do an internet black out if it keeps the book on time. :)

Keep up the good work, friend.

Peter Alger said...

Another superb issue... but as alway, it just leaves me wanting more.
Bring on #14!

Fer CAmpos "El Gris" said...

Que tal Jason, un saludo desde Mexico, desafortunadamente por aca vamos apenas por el 8, Gran Historia.

Saludos y que estes bien !!

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