Wednesday, January 28, 2009

12 Today

Issue #12 comes out today. I have yet to see a printed version, but I am sure that it is smashing. Here is the cover so you can look for it. I find it a little odd to realize that I have drawn 12 consecutive issues of a comic book (technically more, but only 12 issues are out). I clearly remember a time in my attempts to make comics where just finishing 1 page seemed like a major accomplishment. And now I am going on almost 300 pages of comics just for Wolf-Man. Thats pretty cool. Anyway, I am not sure why I am telling you this. Unless you are struggling through difficult times in trying to reach a goal that you have, then I guess the message would be to stick with it. Anyway, bye.


David Bilbey said...

Congrats Jason! I'll pick up #12 tomorrow. I need to walk the two houses over and have you sign issues 8-12 am I lazy!

I've been listening to RadioLab like you suggested. You're right, it's pretty cool.

Unknown said...

Congratulations Jason, 12 issues and 300 pages of Wolf-Man. That's pure awesome! I picked up, read it and can't wait next issue! Well done Jason!!

Anonymous said...

In this world of fill-in issues, late schedules and incredibly detailed comics artwork, I think you have ever right to be proud of yourself. When Kirkman started INVINCIBLE, he wasn't even able to make it seven issues without having to replace his artist. In the case of Wolfman, he has you, and your work has been solid, issue after issue, which just adds to your sense of accomplishment. Great work!

By the way - any idea on when the next trade will be out? I missed an issue in the run and want to read it!

Peter Alger said...

Congrats Jason!!
Any news on issue #16... as in, are you still doing covers?
I've seen Frank Cho's cover for #16, but there's no mention if it's a variant or the standard cover?

Jason Howard said...

News- Yeah, Radio Lab is great. I have also been listening to the 'stuff you should know'podcasts. They are usually pretty interesting and entertaining as well.

Josh- Thank you sir.

Jay- Trade #2 is solicited to come out in April I believe.

Peter- I am still doing the covers. I have 16 and 17 both done and they area couple of my favorites so far. I'll post them soon. We will be having some industry superstars do variant covers for a couple issues. The Cho one you saw is one of these. As a tease, Dale Keown has also done one. I dont think it is online anywhere yet, but watch for it. It is amazing.

Peter Alger said...

Glad you're still doing the covers... wouldn't be the same if you didn't.

Look forward to seeing the Dale Keown cover too and if anybody hasn't seen the Frank Cho variant yet, here's a link...

I'll be sure to pick up the variants too!

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