Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last post...

...of 2008! Yay.

So issue 11 was inked by the multi-talented Cliff Rathburn. If you haven't checked out the Reaper book he drew for Image a couple/few years ago do yourself a favor and track it down. Its a great action fest. Anyway, I thought yous guys might want to see some of the pencils. If not, then stop reading this post. It was a cool experience for me to see my pencils inked by someone else, especially someone as talented as Cliff.

By the way, have a great new year. If you have been regular viewer of my little blog here, I just want to say thanks! I appreciate the comments and I hope your 2009 is super fine.


Peter Alger said...

Loved the issue, but with the greatest respect to Cliff, i'm glad you'll be returning to inking your own work. Also, thought i should say how similar both you and Ryan draw Cecil.

Happy New Year Jason, hoping for more good things in 2009!

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