Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Astounding Wolf-Man #2

Hi! I have been super busy drawing Wolf-Man and keeping up with work and the family, so I am a little late with this, but issue #2 came out last week. Yay!

In the issue we meet a bunch of other superheros. I had fun designing their costumes. I feel more like a 'real' comic book artist when doing costume designs than I do drawing pages. I think it connects with the memory of being a kid and drawing characters I created but then just making up stories about them in my head and not drawing story pages. Strange. Anyway, the double page spread of the new heros about killed me for some reason, but it is the thing I am the most proud of in the book. So in case you didn't buy the issue here it is.

Actually this is a little different than it appears in the book. This is the original color version, but after doing this we decided that because this is their first appearance the colors should show more of their actual costume colors. So I re-colored it. But I hate to let this version go to waste... If you want to see the re-colored one you will have to buy the comic :)

Also, if you want to hear me talk about the book, here is a podcast interview thing.


PXS said...

That was a nice fight scene !Aaaaw look at the little spore things !
Absolutely fantastic art!

That being said, I of course enjoy the work you post here in your blog. Always nice to have that peek behind the curtain.

Greetings from France.


Hello Jason.
I'm a french fan of comics and Idiscovered AWM last week.
I had the good idea to buy the the 2 issues (yes I paid for the n°1, but this director's cut is wonderfull, I love your designs), and now I'm a big fan of the series.
Obviously, I love your art, and can't wait for n°3.
Congratulations for the succes, I believe that Issue n°2, rocked the comicsfan community.
a question : will you post some designs and sketches ???

Randall said...