Saturday, November 11, 2006


Spidey here is another sketch. I know I didn't draw the webbing on his costume, but the time was up. The old dude is a design for something I'm not talking about yet :)


Anonymous said...

So what is your time limit? I started (need to get back to doing it again) doing 10 minute sketches. I think they are great excercises.

Nice work you have on here Jason. Hope you get it coming.

Jason Howard said...

Hey J. For some of these tighter sketches like Spidy I have been trying to keep it at 1 hour. Long enough to get something worthwhile but short enough that I cant mess around too much.

Clint Shannon said...

Hey Jason I have been a big fan of Ultimate Spider-Man far a while now, you think you will ever draw with Marvel on Spider-Man?
I love your art style, I draw as well but I can't draw without looking at something though. I would like to show you my drawings if you can email me at and I could send you the pictures through email.

Elliot said...

hahaha "this old dude"